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Our Students Say About Us

Vivian Hsu   

“As an international student, I am really thankful and lucky that I met Blue Ocean as first time going abroad and first time taking care of everything on my own without my parents and friends. Blue Ocean not only provides professional consulting but also takes care of all the students who are stay in Vancouver. So I highly recommend the person who wants to study, work and travel must choose Blue Ocean to help you to have a great life in Canada.”

Hyun Ki   

“Peter, thank you for being so nice to person like me who were struggling to get used to different culture. I know it would’ve been so hard to spend time organizing all those activities and stuff and I really appreciate it. That helped me get used to the people and culture very much.

Hope I see you sometime in Korea or Canada wherever. Thank you so much again. Let’s stay in touch. See you!”


“At the beginning I joined Blue Ocean Conversation Club, and I really enjoyed the good time and met many foreign friends. Then, I found my school through Blue Ocean Agency. I’ve been thankful for good quality information provided by Blue Ocean to find proper school for me and to survive in Vancouver. Also, I could broaden my horizon through the various activities BLue Ocean held for students. His all students are the apple of his eye. Thanks Peter, you treat us like your family, also I got find new family in Vancouver“

Suk Young   

“I have joined Blue Ocean Conversation Club several times. It was really precious experience to meet good friends and speak English. Actually, we have few opportunity to  speak English outside4. I wanna recommend many students join this club^^”

Kyung Hwan   

“Blue Ocean Conversation Club (BOCC) always provides the opportunity to meet up people by creative ideas of devotional organizers. Through discussing interesting topics, exchanging each cultures, sharing information and activities, all the members can be friends, improve knowledge and have fun.”

Winnie Chien   

“I think here is the best, because the agent is friendly. When I have any problem, they always help me fix the problem as soon as they can”

Evie Chiang   

“I’m Evie. I am the part of event organizer in Blue Ocean Conversation Club. I am really happy to join this club because we are free to learn different language and meet new friends from other members. We can also get the latest information and attend the activities by join this club..”

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You may extend or change to Visitor Visa up to 6 months. However, if you apply for different types of Visa will have different terms.

After you submit the application for student visa, it takes around two and half months. You may also visit Citizenship and Immigration Website to get an up-to-date estimate.


No. You can not work with the student visa. You will need to apply for work visa or sign up a program that includes co-op or internship. You may find out more detail by contacting us.
Yes. This is our profession to advice student to the suitable school and programs in Canada. Please simply call us or e-mail us to get a free advice.
It will depends on student’s English level. However, we recommend the students to take no less than 3 months of ESL. If student’s English level is better than intermediate, there are many optional programs to take. For example, TESOL, TOEFL, Business English, Translation Course, etc.
Yes. You can. Canadian ESL schools were designed for all level students to study English. If you only have very basic English, studying Canada will help you improve your English quickly and more efficiently.
Yes. Parents can accompany their children to come to Canada. They only need to apply for Visitor Visa.
Yes. If you attended any programs that were accredited by the Ministry of Education in Canada, you are eligible apply the post-graduate working permit and work up to 3 years.