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BO Korean Wave Academy

MBC Academy Beauty School

MBC Academy Beauty School, Korea’s NO.1 beauty School, offers a variety of K-Beauty programs included Make-up, Nail Art, Hairstyling, Esthetic, and Stylist. Based on different programs, the training period can be varied (from two months up to six months). MBC also provides a 2-weeks summer/winter K-Beauty camp for people who are interested in study and travel in Korea for a short period. Customized/ B2B program is provided to any organizations/ businesses/ associations that are looking for group training and education in Korea.

We, BO Korean Wave Academy, are the official recruiting centre for MBC Academy Beauty School. We are committed to promoting Korean K-Beauty education, K-POP training, and Korean language & culture in Canada. By working with our top university partners and No. 1 beauty school in Korea, we bring our students to high-quality-only profession training and educational institutions in Korea.

For more information on MBC’s programs and courses, please contact us.

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ADDRESS:#309-402 W. Pender St., Vancouver, BC V6B 1T6, Canada
HOUR:10:00~17:00, Mon-Fri

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