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BO Korean Wave Academy

K-Pop with
Kyunghee University (K.H.A.C.A)

Kyunghee University’s Kyunghee Arts & Culture Academy (K.H.A.C.A.) provides a well-organized program focusing on training future artists/ performers of K-Pop and entertainment industry. The program includes courses on Vocal, Dance, and Acting.

K-Beauty with
MBC Academy Beauty School

MBC Academy Beauty School is the biggest K-beauty training school in Korea. It’s a sub-brand of Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation. The program provided are Make-up, Nail, Hair, Esthetics, and Styling.

Korean Language
& Short Program

We provide short-term programs focusing on Korean language/ K-Pop/ K-Beauty training mixed with cultural activities and sightseeing. We also provide customized/ B2B program for businesses, organizations, student association, etc for group training and education.


ADDRESS:#309-402 W. Pender St., Vancouver, BC V6B 1T6, Canada
HOUR:10:00~17:00, Mon-Fri

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/bokwave.en
LINE: @boic-korea