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President’s Message

Canada is consistently rated one of the most livable countries in the world. Its multiculturalism is a true reflection of a ‘global village’. At Blue Ocean, we believe students from countries all over the world can truly become friends and family. Across culture and language barriers, our students are able to share their experiences and backgrounds. Moreover, they help, learn and grow from each other. We make frequent contact with our students and host regular activities to ensure students are making progress in their academic and social experiences. We are continuously improving our service using students’ feed back and up-to-date information and technology.

We believe in the quality of Canadian education. We make every effort to ensure that the needs of our students are fulfilled, enabling them to improve their English, gain knowledge through the education system and experience Canadian culture. If you are seeking  the highest quality English learning experience, Canada is the place you want to be.

Hope to see you here soon!

Best Regards,

Peter Lin

President of Blue Ocean International Consulting Inc.

Mission Statement

The mission of Blue Ocean International Consulting Inc. (BOIC) is to provide quality service and professional advice to assist students achieving their goals in Canada. We build close relationship with students, and make Canada feel like a second home.

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